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"More Weapons & Color Zones, Unlock the Fun!"


for Windows
Only $19.99

Instant Download
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The shareware version only scratches the surface of the Neon Wars experience. Each new Color Zone has brand-new enemies to learn and conquer. There's a Level Challenge mode for those who enjoy completing games. And the seven new "special" weapons are as much fun to watch as they are to use.

The Blue Zone is just the beginning!

What's Included:

- 7 Brand-New "Special" Weapons - Supershot, Freeze, Bomb, Orbit, Beams, Shield and
Shooting Star. (10 weapons in all!)

- All 7 Color Zones - Each color zone has radically different enemy ships to challenge your skills!

- Level Challenge - Explore and conquer 60 unique levels to unlock all the color zones for you and your friends.


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