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"Colorful Arcade Game For All Ages"
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Neon Wars is an arcade game where vivid graphics, great music and exciting game play combine to create an amazingly new yet classic experience for the next generation of players. It's a simple game of collecting stars and staying one step ahead of the action. Plus there's access to powerful "special" weapons that even the odds with massive pyrotechnic special effects. The easy controls will delight the young at heart, but the action on higher difficulty levels is sure to create intense competition for the highest score. Neon Wars is the arcade game that the whole family has been waiting for!

title screen

collect stars to power-up

dodge enemies

shockwave pushes enemies away

powerful laser weapon

swirl weapon clears the area

Neon Wars requires a 300 MHz Intel or AMD Athlon/Duron processor, Windows 2000/XP or greater,
and hardware accelerated 3D graphics (ATI Radeon, NVidia GeForce or comparable chipset)



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