Writing games that are good clean fun... high quality, family approved games that you won't be afraid to show to your non-computer buddies. C64/Amiga style games for the next generation.

Like-minded game coders and friends:

http://www.retro64.com - Mike Boeh, author of Wizard's Pen (PC), Venice (PC), Water Bugs (PC), Cosmo Bots (PC), Bugatron (PC), Warheads (PC), Charr (Amiga), Artillerius (Amiga), and fellow shareware developer

http://www.ctspgames.com - Mike Austin, ported many Blitwise games to the Mac OS over the years and is one of my very good friends from back in the day

http://www.blipfungames.com - Simeon Peebler, author of Blip Bloink and more for the iPhone, plus a long time friend and fellow shareware developer

http://www.qwak.co.uk - Jamie Woodhouse, author of Qwak for the BBC, Amiga (Team17), GBA, and now on PC/Mac. Wrote 'Nitro' for the Amiga, my all-time favorite racing game... hats off to you!

http://www.arcadelab.com - Ola Zandelin, author of Super Star Chefs, Art Gem, Marbles Deluxe, and several C64 and Amiga projects

http://www.mking.com - Scott Host, author of the famous vertical shooters Raptor (Apogee) and Demonstar

http://www.monroeworld.com - Shane R. Monroe, connoisseur of all things Amiga, retro gaming, and Blitz Basic PC

http://www.fur.com/~almackey/megaball/ - Ed & Al Mackey's Megaball EMU page (full Megaball v4.0 is now freely available. Woohoo!!!!)

http://www.longbowdigitalarts.com - Seumas McNally was the author of DX-Ball 2 and TreadMarks, to name a few





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