Writing games that are good clean fun... high quality, family approved games that you won't be afraid to show to your non-computer buddies. C64/Amiga style games for the next generation.


Old News:


Pocket Tanks for Amazon and other updates - March 7th, 2013

This March BlitWise has a little something for everyone with updates coming across the board. We're excited to announce that fans can now get our mobile version or Pocket Tanks or buy Pocket Tanks Deluxe through Amazon, for the Kindle Fire, the Fire HD, and other supported Android devices. The port has been done with our usual attention to detail and painstaking testing, and includes the newest Energy and Plasma Packs.

Also New:
Windows 8 users will also find an update that brings the latest weapons to their platform, and fixes an issue Surface Pro users experienced. Speaking of Energy, Google Play Android fans can also look forward to and update bringing those new weapons to their platform of choice. And for our Apple users, Pocket Tanks has been updated for the latest widescreen resolution on the iPhone 5.
Android app on Google Play

Plasma and Energy Packs Released - December 21st, 2012

Two brand-new weapons packs for Pocket Tanks Deluxe!
These electrifying new packs contain some of the most entertaining weapons made to date, with eye-grabbing effects and amazing sound. Download the Plasma Pack for free, and buy Energy today to bring your total number of available weapons to and incredible 295!
[requires Pocket Tanks Deluxe v1.6]

Weapons Include: Plasma Orb, Energy Spike, Carbon Crawler, Wildfire, Tachyon Beam, Freeze Ray, and many more.
Visit the Weapon Depot to learn more.

Pocket Tanks for Android - December 7th, 2012

Pocket Tanks explodes into the Google Play store at long last! Our Android owning fans have been begging for this for years, and Blitwise has heard their cries. Carefully and lovingly ported after extensive testing for a superior experience on your Android phone or tablet, Pocket Tanks is a free download on the Google Play store for OS versions 2.3 and up. Upgrade to Deluxe via in-App purchase to unlock free expansion packs and the ability to purchase the rest. Currently 275 weapons are available for our Android version, with Plasma and Energy to be released after they are properly tested, in early 2013.

Android app on Google Play

Fire and Space Packs Released - July 3rd, 2012

Two brand-new weapon packs for Pocket Tanks Deluxe!

Check out the new Fire pack! It's a free pack that has some of the hottest weapons we've ever created. And the Space Pack is completely out of this world! We put a lot of imagination into these packs, and I think you'll agree that these are some of the most creative weapons ever created for Pocket Tanks. Both weapon packs are available on PC, Mac and iPhone simultaneously. This brings Pocket Tanks Deluxe up to 275 weapons, with more to come in the future.
[requires Pocket Tanks Deluxe v1.6]

Weapons Include: Bonfire, Blaze, Heat Lamp, Space Cannon, Pot o' Gold, Gyrobots, etc.
Visit the Weapon Depot to learn more.

Free Weapons: Ice Pack Released - July 3rd, 2012

The iPhone exclusive Ice Pack is now available for PC and Mac! From blowing snow to exploding ice crystals, this pack is super cool!
[requires Pocket Tanks Deluxe v1.6]

Weapons Include: Ice Crush, Liquid Nitrogen, Flash Freeze, Avalanche, and Snowdrift
Visit the Weapon Depot to learn more.

Update: Pocket Tanks v1.6 Released - July 3rd, 2012

In the spirit of creating exciting new weapons, we have updated Pocket Tanks to support new bullet homing effects, wind drag, and more! We also improved the Windows 7 compatibility, and fixed bugs on all platforms. You will need Pocket Tanks Deluxe v1.6 to use the new Ice, Fire & Space weapons packs. Registered owners of Pocket Tanks Deluxe, and Pocket Tanks Deluxe Collector's Edition, can send an email to techsupport@blitwise.com to learn more about getting the updated version.

PC, Mac, iPhone Updates COMING SOON - June 15th, 2012

June is an exciting month here at BlitWise! Here's what we're planning on having out by the 27th:
- New version of Pocket Tanks, 1.6 enables exciting new weapon features and improved compatibility for Windows 7.
- The free Ice Pack arrives soon to PC and Mac!
- Brand new free and for-sale weapon packs: Fire Pack and Space Pack, featuring some of our most fun and impressive weapons to date!
Check us out on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for more info, including sneak peeks at the weapons in the new packs.

Mac Games Update: OSX Lion Support - August 16th, 2011

We have updated Pocket Tanks and Super DX-Ball to run perfectly on Apple's newest operating system: OSX Lion (10.7). Please download the shareware versions and try them out on your shiny new computer. Registered owners of Pocket Tanks Deluxe, Pocket Tanks Deluxe Collector's Edition, and Super DX-Ball Deluxe can send an email to techsupport@blitwise.com to learn more about getting the updated version.

iPhone Update: New Weapon Packs - August 10th, 2011

Pocket Tanks Deluxe v1.4 for iPhone is now available in the App Store. This update includes the Fireworks, Gold, and Tornado Packs as In-App Purchases. Plus we have added the free Party Pack which includes: Party Popper, Torpedo, Dazzler, Trick Shot and Glue Stick. Moving forward, the next update will bring all existing weapon packs to the iPhone platform. Once we reach the complete set of 250 weapons, then we can get to work on creating new weapons for all platforms.

Coming Soon: Brand-New Weapon Packs - January 6th, 2011

My New Year's Resolution is to release weapons and updates for Pocket Tanks on a regular basis for Windows, Mac, iPhone and with any luck Android later this year. But first you will see a Free weapon pack released in a few weeks, then a Free and a For-Sale pack released roughly a month after that. There are 250 weapons as of today, but I expect the total to reach 300+ weapons easily by the end of this year. Thanks for being patient in 2010... we were very busy behind the scenes, but Pocket Tanks is taking center stage in 2011.

Raptor for the iPhone - December 20th, 2010

Blitwise proudly presents Raptor: Call of the Shadows for the iPhone. Now you can enjoy the first handheld version of one of the most famous PC vertical shoot'em-ups from the 1990's. Team Blitwise converted the original source code over to iOS, added touch screen controls, and delivered an amazingly portable version of this PC-DOS classic. Check out the Full and Lite versions today. Click here to learn more!

Weapon Expansion Packs for iPhone - December 13th, 2010

Pocket Tanks Deluxe v1.3 for iPhone includes a new Weapon Depot screen where you can install both Free and For-Sale weapon packs as they are released. The Ambush, Meteor, and Power Packs are now available via In-App Purchases. And to celebrate, we've added 5 more weapons to the Deluxe version including: Chaos Grenade, Gyro Glue, Sand Storm, Tesla Coil, and Power Washer for a total of 110 weapons. More expansion packs are on the way, and you can expect to see brand-new weapon packs released on Windows, Mac, and iPhone at the same time.

Party and Blast Packs Released - October 26th, 2009

Two brand-new weapon packs for Pocket Tanks Deluxe!

To commemorate the 250th Pocket Tanks weapon, I tried something new by creating
these packs almost entirely from suggestions posted to the Blitwise Forums.
Distilling 1000's of ideas down and combining them with my own took an extra long time,
but it was well worth it. These weapons really turned out fan-tastic! ;)
Try these exciting new weapons today.

Weapons include: Dazzler, Spectra Laser. Bubble Blast, Torpedo, Party Popper, Leap Frog, etc...
Visit the Weapon Depot to learn more.

Pocket Tanks for the iPhone - April 15th, 2009

If you enjoy playing Pocket Tanks, then you have to try this new portable version!
(for iPhone and iPod Touch)

Special Features:
- New touch interface
- Large scrolling battlefields
- First version of Pocket Tanks that fits in your pocket!

The free version includes 35 weapons to enjoy, and the Deluxe version has 100+ weapons with
even more on the way. (iPhone OS 3.0 will allow us to release expansion packs)

Rocket and Laser Packs Released - August 4th, 2008

Twenty exciting new weapons are now available for Pocket Tanks Deluxe!
Weapons include: Space Laser, Fire Hose, Bushwhack, Sky Strike, Bouncy Tunnel, Elevator, etc....
Visit the Weapon Depot to learn more.

Blitwise Games on Mac - June 1st, 2008

In addition to supporting the Windows operating system, Blitwise now releases all its games for Mac OS X computers as well!
New benefits to Mac users include:
- Mac and Windows versions release on the same day
- New and improved installation and look [100% Mac-friendly]
- Purchase games directly from blitwise.com
- Our famous customer support
- Extended support for Blitwise Mac games purchased at CTSP Games

CTSP Games has done a great job of publishing the Mac versions of our games for the past 5+ years, but times change and they were happy to transition Mac sales and support to our capable hands. If you've purchased Blitwise games from CTSP Games in the past, then feel free to contact Blitwise customer support at techsupport@blitwise.com for any help you may need.

All Blitwise games now support Mac OS X 10.3.9 and newer
Universal Binary (PPC and Intel CPU support)
Magic and Acid Packs Released - May 16th, 2008

Twenty brand-new weapons are now available for Pocket Tanks Deluxe!
New weapons include: Railgun, Acid Bombs, Bubble Wrap, Trailblazer, Mower, and many more.
Find out more by visiting the Weapon Packs page.

Note: After six years of development, Pocket Tanks now has over 200 weapons! It's an amazing accomplishment, and I'd like to say thanks to all the Pocket Tanks supporters. We're working on a new graphics engine as well as online technology this summer, so stay tuned.

Collector's Edition Released - November 16th, 2007

Now you can purchase Pocket Tanks Deluxe AND the first 14 expansion packs for one low price. That's a total of 190 weapons in one easy to install package! Purchase it today and receive the Collector's Edition via e-mail and the internet. And for an extra $5 + shipping & handling you can order the special "CD" version that Blitwise will ship straight to your door. The CD-ROM and box art are professionally designed and will make a fantastic gift for your favorite Pocket Tanks fan. We have tons more weapons and updates planned for the future, but this is by far the best way to join the world of Pocket Tanks!
Visit the Pocket Tanks Deluxe - Collector's Edition page to learn more.
Free Weapons: Nano Pack Released - November 16th, 2007

To celebrate the release of the "Collector's Edition", we are proud to present 5 free weapons for owners of Pocket Tanks Deluxe!
New weapons include: Nanobots, Phase Missile, Gyro Glue, Warp Gate, and Tesla Coil. Speaking of the Tesla Coil, you haven't seen lightning effects like this in Pocket Tanks before, so prepare to be dazzled! The Nano Pack takes advantage of the latest updates to Pocket Tanks, so make sure that you have v1.2 or newer.

Find out more by visiting the Weapon Packs page.
Registered Pocket Tanks Deluxe owners can visit the Support page for info on receiving the latest version.
Pocket Tanks v1.3 Released - September 27th, 2007

After 4 years of effort, Pocket Tanks now includes the ability to play games over a local area network (LAN). Woohoo! All you need are two computers connected to the same home internet router or perhaps a more robust network, such as: office, college dorms, school, Wi-Fi hotspots, etc.... Please enjoy the new LAN Game support and watch for "Online" internet play in the future.

Download the new shareware version from the Downloads page
Registered Pocket Tanks Deluxe owners can visit the Support page for info on receiving the updated version.
Super DX-Ball v1.1 Released - July 30th, 2007

Now you can unlock and explore all the boards in the game with exciting new features such as: game continue, board unlocking, casual gameplay mode, and more. This is practically a new game... check out the demo today!

New Features:
-Continue Game
-Difficulty levels - Easy, Casual, Classic, Hard
-Board Selection screen with ability to unlock and start on higher boards
-Board Shuffle option
-Includes original DX-Ball boards, no longer an easter egg
-Plus... options to turn off all this new stuff ;)

Download the new shareware version from the Downloads page
Registered Super DX-Ball Deluxe owners can visit the Support page for info on receiving the updated version.
Neon Wars v1.11 Released - May 12th, 2007

We are very pleased to release a new version of Neon Wars that runs great on Windows Vista and tons more laptops and older systems in general. We added support for DirectX as well as OpenGL, so now you can enjoy Neon Wars everywhere you go! :)
Download the new shareware version from the Downloads page
Registered Neon Wars Deluxe owners can visit the Support page for info on receiving the updated version.
Fuzz and Tornado Packs Released - April 27th, 2007

Twenty exciting new weapons are now available for Pocket Tanks Deluxe!
Spectacular new weapons include: Scorcher, Graviton, Fuzz Ball, Tractor Beam, Saucer Attack and many others.
Find out more by visiting the Weapon Packs page.
Update: Pocket Tanks v1.2 Released - April 27th, 2007

An updated version of Pocket Tanks has been released that includes:
- New fog, lightning, etc... weapon effects that are used exclusively in the Tornado Pack
- Many small improvements and fixes

For the first time in six years, we have decided to upgrade the weapon engine to create expansion packs that take advantage of never-before-seen weapon effects. There are also plenty of little bug fixes and improvements, so it never hurts to stay up-to-date with the Shareware or Deluxe version. Also, progress on the network code is being made and I have a feeling that you'll see at least basic LAN and IP-to-IP network play in the near future. It's shaping up to be a good year for Pocket Tanks. :)
Update: Pocket Tanks v1.1 Released - December 15th, 2006

A brand-new version of Pocket Tanks has been released that includes:
- Smarter computer opponents
- New options for turning favorite weapons on and off
- Tons of small improvements and fixes
- Improved Windows Vista compatibility

It's very exciting to release a new version of Pocket Tanks after over four years of tweaks, changes, and behind-the-scenes development. There will be more updates in the coming months as we work towards 'finally' releasing some basic network game support. And please do not expect there to be a wiz-bang internet game lobby or anything fancy and expensive to run just yet... we still have to get the local network play working right first. One step at a time. :)

Download the latest shareware version from the Downloads page.
Neon Wars Released - October 24th, 2006

Exciting new retro arcade game that the whole family can enjoy.
This is our first game that uses 3D video card acceleration, so hold on to your hats!
Find out more by visiting the Neon Wars page.
Snowball and Gold Packs Released - August 28th, 2006

Twenty exciting new weapons are now available for Pocket Tanks Deluxe!
Latest weapons include: Melt Down, Collide-o-scope, Mass Driver, Tunnel, Aqua Bomb and many others.
Find out more by visiting the Weapon Packs page.
Brand-New Blitwise Community Forums - August 11th, 2006

Tons of great stuff is happening behind the scenes here at Blitwise, and this is just the tip of the iceburg! Announcing the new Blitwise Bulletin Board (BBB) community member forums. Please feel free to join our message board and chat with other like-minded folks about Blitwise games, or anything else for that matter. We are happy to provide a public forum for people to discuss and help improve our games.

To visit the site:
Click on the Forums button on this page,
or visit http://forums.blitwise.com
New Super DX-Ball Board Packs Released - March 3rd, 2006

Two new board packs are now available for Super DX-Ball Deluxe!
The Treasure Pack is a 'free' expansion with 10 new boards and a hidden secret. The Surprise Pack has 30 brand-new boards that contain all the vibrant and clever designs that you've come to expect from DX-Ball over the years. Find out more by visiting the Board Packs page.
Gravity and Fireworks Packs Released - February 3rd, 2006

Two exciting new weapon packs now are available for Pocket Tanks Deluxe.
New weapons include: Hot Potato, Snowblower, Lightning Bolt, Crazy Wall, Water Balloons and many others. I've gone all out to make these expansions worth the wait. Find out more by visiting the Weapon Depot.
A New Beginning - January 17th, 2006

I've finally shaken off the effects of being burnt out and my inspiration has returned. I'm turning over a new leaf by releasing 2 new weapon packs in the next couple of weeks. Next I'm toying with the idea of releasing my development version of Pocket Tanks which includes many interesting new features as well as some bug fixes. (LAN and IP network support is up for debate as a Beta Test feature if folks show enough interest in helping) As for Super DX-Ball, there have been many requests for new boards... and I aim to deliver in February. 2005 was a hard year for me, and I appreciate everyone's patients and support for my work. It's good to be back. :)
Summer Break - June 20th, 2005

I've been running Blitwise by myself for 4 years now, and I've never taken a break. It's time for me to relax a little bit and rediscover my creative side. I'll be answering e-mail and doing tech support everyday, so it's business as usual. I'm just cutting back on game programming for the summer months. The new expansion packs are still on the way and they should be out this Fall. Have a great summer!
Need A Pick-me-up? Play Sunny Ball - May 1st, 2005

My good friend Richard Phipps at reflectedgames.com just released a great new breakout game called Sunny Ball. The graphics are colorful and fun, and the music will put a skip in your step. If it's raining out side, then you have to give this game a try. Click here for more info.
What's New - April 29th, 2005

*Update - Delayed while on summer break (June 2005)
The network version of Pocket Tanks is going back to the drawing board. In the meantime, new expansion packs for both Pocket Tanks Deluxe and Super DX-Ball Deluxe are in the works and should be available in May/June.
New Boards... Bonus Pack Released - January 31st, 2005

15 exciting new boards are available for Super DX-Ball Deluxe. This 'free' expansion pack is my way of saying thanks to everyone who has purchased the game and supported my work. Find out more by clicking here.
New Weapons... Super Pack Released - December 8th, 2004

To celebrate the release of Super DX-Ball, a brand-new 'free' weapon pack for Pocket Tanks Deluxe is now available. Weapons include: Fireball, Flea Circus, Super Star, Drillers, and Gamma Blaster. These are some of the best weapons ever made for Pocket Tanks! Find out more by visiting the Weapon Depot.
High-Quality Game T-Shirts Available - December 8th, 2004

Have a Pocket Tanks or DX-Ball fan in the family?
Want to help spread the word about BlitWise games?
Visit HackerThreads.com to check out the new Pocket Tanks and Super DX-Ball t-shirts. I originally had these printed for friends and family, but they were so popular that I decided to make them available for sale. I wear mine all the time, especially when I'm working on my games. These t-shirts have my personal seal of approval.
Super DX-Ball Released - November 10th, 2004

The secret is finally revealed! Super DX-Ball has been in development for two years and it is by far the most innovative game I've ever created. Thanks to all the DX-Ball and Pocket Tanks fans for helping to make this dream a reality! Click here to visit the Super DX-Ball home page.

What's New - May 14th, 2004

*Update - Pocket Tanks with network support has been delayed (April 2005)
A new version of Pocket Tanks, which includes basic network support, will go into public beta testing shortly after the release of Blitwise's new mystery game. There will also be at least two new weapon expansion packs available later this year. Watch for the new arcade game in the summer of 2004. Stay tuned!

Chaos and Power Packs Released - March 17th, 2003

Two new expansions are now available for owners of Pocket Tanks Deluxe.
Weapons like Phantom, Shelter, and Fracture are going to change how the game is played.
Find out more by visiting the Weapon Depot.

Pocket Tanks for the Mac Released - February 26th, 2003

CTSP Games has done it again! Pocket Tanks Mac is now available for OS 8/9 and OS X.
Visit http://www.ctspgames.com for more info.

20 New Weapons Coming Soon - February 26th, 2003

Two new expansions, tentatively called the Chaos Pack and the Power Pack, will be out in early March.
Pocket Tanks Deluxe is required to make use of weapon expansion packs.

DX-Ball for the Mac Released - September 5th, 2002

My good friend at CTSP Games is helping us convert our games to the Mac. DX-Ball for the Mac is now available for OS8/9 and OS X.
Visit http://www.ctspgames.com for more info.

Flamethrower and Meteor Packs Released - July 26th, 2002

Two more expansion packs are now available for owners of Pocket Tanks Deluxe. Things will never be the same with Bouncy Bomb combos.
Find out more by visiting the Weapon Depot.

Weapon Expansion Packs Available - February 8th, 2002

The Nuke and Ambush expansion packs are now available for owners of Pocket Tanks Deluxe.
Visit the new Weapon Depot to find out more.

Pocket Tanks Released - October 26, 2001

At long last, Pocket Tanks is finally complete! It took me 11 months to wrap this game up... almost a year of my life! I hope everyone enjoys playing it as much as I enjoyed writing it. You can find out more about Pocket Tanks and Pocket Tanks Deluxe by clicking here.

Beta 2 for Pocket Tanks - August 31, 2001

Thanks to everyone who gave Pocket Tanks Beta 1 a thorough kick in the tires. Plenty of bugs were fixed, and a good number of requests were implemented. There were several reports of PTanks crashing, none of which I could duplicate. I made a few intelligent guesses as to what the problem might be, so hopefully Beta 2 will run more stable. If Beta 2 crashes on your computer, please let me know. You can get Beta 2 version 0.91a here.

Pocket Tanks beta is now available!- August 24, 2001

The beta is 'finally' ready for the public. DNA-Groove has done an excellent job on the soundtrack, and everything has come together very nicely. But now I need your help. Please download beta version 0.90 from here. Let me know if you: find any bugs, want to offer some suggestions, or just want to say hello. I've been working on this for over a year, and it's great to finally be able to share my game with everyone. The final release of Pocket Tanks will be out in 1 to 2 weeks.

Pocket Tanks beta delayed to mid-August - July 31, 2001

The game is very close to being playable but still lacks music, sound effects, and a bunch of weapons, not to mention some decent terrain graphics, a computer AI for the single player game, and a whole host of little things that will keep the game up to my standards. I've managed to get a lot done in the past few days, but I'm just now starting to hit my stride. One thing is for certain, Pocket Tanks will be completed in August. I've added a screenshot of the new 'weapon shop' to the Pocket Tanks page, for those that are curious.

Pocket Tanks revealed - June 23, 2001

The secret artillery project has finally reached the light of day. This game represents a year's worth of effort invested in what I consider to be the best tank artillery-style game you'll find anywhere. Visit the Pocket Tanks page to see screenshots and get the latest news. Public beta is scheduled for July 31, 2001.



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